Company Management

External Management, Holding Company Management or Nominee Services are considered essential for international company structures and in order to unleash all advantages such company structures offer.

Company Management

Why to use external managers?

The motives why companies are being formed and managed using nominee services or external managers may vary from case to case but the most common ones are:
  • Anonymity of owners
  • Asset protection
  • Company structure reasons (arm's length criteria)
  • Protecting copyrights and trademarks
  • White label solutions
  • Tax advantages
  • Starting a new business
  • New start after financial difficulties
  • Avoiding prohibition of competition

Two options for company management services

Basic Company Management:*

If our external managers act as nominee directors and shareholders of the company, their names appear on the public company record, not the ones of the beneficial owners. This nominee service effectively shields the owner's name from the general public thus giving an extra layer of protection. The basic company management option is available for a fixed annual fee. A power of attorney can be issued to the beneficial owner. Our managers will neither sign contracts nor enter into any financial transaction on behalf of the company.

Professional Company Management:*

This professional company management service goes one step further and ensures the company complies with so called "on arm's length" criteria, meaning all management functions (including signatories for bank and contracts) are being carried out by the external managers or licensed trustees based within the jurisdiction of incorporation. A full nominee also ensures that the beneficial owners do not need to sign contracts. However privacy comes at cost of convenience (owners need to instruct the external managers), therefore this full nominee service is only suitable for long-term business. Management fees would be charged on time spent basis or a fixed annual fee (expenses such as travel etc. charged extra).
* We do not provide managers for companies involved in any sort of illegal or criminal activities which shall be deemed to include activities relating to terrorism, drug trafficking, money laundering, receiving the proceeds of criminal activities, selling products or services such as arms, weapons or munitions, mercenary or contract soldiering, security and riot control equipment, technical surveillance equipment, industrial espionage, dangerous or hazardous biological, chemical or nuclear materials including equipment or machinery to manufacture or handle such materials and the transportation, handling, disposal or dumping of such material, human or animal organs, abuse of animals, genetic material, adoption agencies, including surrogate motherhood, abuse of refugees or human rights, pornography, spam emails, drug paraphernalia, provision of degrees or qualifications, provision of credit cards, pyramid sales, religions, religious cults and charities, provision of legal or tax advice, provision of trustees, trading or other activities relating to futures or other derivatives or financial instruments, gambling, betting, financial business involving soliciting funds and offering investment advice, insurance business, time share and holiday clubs, high-risk products or services such as alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, fine art, provision of telephone and mobile telephony services, call back numbers, mobile telephones, SIM cards and computer chips, provision of merchant services, lotteries, mail or telephone order schemes or trading with countries which are subject to any embargo imposed by the Security Council of the United Nations, the European Union or the United States of America.