Company Rescue

Standard approaches for a successful company rescue do not exist. However, external company rescue experts are often able to point out solutions of which the business owners were unaware.

Company Rescue

Call a Company rescue expert before it is too late

Very few business people admit or even realise they are running into problems with their company. As a consequence of missing the point to take over the tiller many businesses are forced into bankruptcy. It is essential to seek external help from experienced interim managers as early as possible.

Is my company at risk?

More than 80% of our company rescue clients already suffered from acute liquidity shortages when they called us. However, the signs of a company crisis are easy to recognise:
  • Fire extinguishing is your major task
  • No more time for your real work
  • You believe one big deal solves all problems
  • Business infos are more wishful thinking than hard facts
  • You do no longer make long-term plans
  • You blame customers, suppliers, banks for your crisis
  • High salaries, director's drawings
  • Bank overdraft is always at the limit
  • Difficulties to raise capital
  • Suppliers often have to send payment reminders
  • Suppliers insist on advance payment
  • Your bank asks for additional securities or guarantees
  • Cheques and direct debits were returned
  • You regularly submit your tax returns too late
  • Legal action was initiated against your company

Can my company be saved from bankruptcy?

Almost every business will be confronted with an existence-threatening crisis at some stage. The difference between a business that failed and successful companies often depends on how the entrepreneur deals with the crisis and the current business situation itself:
  • Is the company able to survive (temporary crisis) or insolvent?
  • What are your future plans for your business and private life?
  • Can you provide enough information (contracts, balances)?
  • Are you prepared to listen and to act according to recommendations?

Company rescue / reorganisation - our approach

Obviously the first crucial step is to contact us. Put together as much information as possible, we will need it to analyse the company's situation. Usually we do require:
  • A short description of the problem
  • Overview liabilities (short and long term)
  • Overview receivables (how old are they?)
  • Assets and bank balances
  • Available credit / overdraft (use up of credit limit)
  • Number of employees
We analyse the situation carefully and point out possible solutions. The initial consultation with us is always free of charge. If you decide to proceed as discussed (at this stage we will ask you to sign an agreement with us and we charge for our services) we can either assist as external consultants or -if your company management is unable to solve the problem- provide experienced interim managers, specialised in company reorganisation.