Sell / Buy A Company

Futuramax's "Sell & Buy a company" platform helps business owners to find a suitable successor or buyer for their company. Investors can choose from hundreds of high profitable companies.

Sell/Buy A Company

Succession & retirement planning

During the next 10 years many small and medium sized companies and their owners will experience difficulties to find a suitable successor within their own family. Selling a company - often the owners lifework - to a third party is a significant transaction and it should be pointed out if things go wrong your retirement planning is at risk.

Selling a company vs. company lease

Both models have their advantages and disadvantages. Selling the entire company and all its assets at a fixed price obviously results in a certain amount of money immediately available to the seller and also no longer having to take the risk of running a company. However, there are downsides too, receiving the purchase price in one amount might have negative tax consequences for the seller and the number of potential investors / buyers might be very limited in times of strict bank credit policies. A keen seller will often experience difficulties to sell at the desired price.
The lease model is an interesting alternative as it generates a certain amount of money payable to the seller on regular, often pre-agreed basis. Taxation might be lower than receiving a one-off payment, but the model relies on the buyers competency to keep the company profitable (and continue to pay the lease to the seller). Downside is obviously some risk for the seller which increases over the years. On the other hand, if buyer and seller trust each other and if ideally the buyer was previously in the same business sector (e.g. an employee) this could be a win-win situation for both parties.

Hire a consultant or negotiate company transfer yourself?

Unmanaged company buy /sell platform: Your may add your company (company owners) or buy request (investors) for free or a small fee to our database. All information and key figures would be added as "self certified" meaning our platform can be used as a discrete facility for direct contact between the parties involved. Negotiation of an agreement would be a matter between the seller and buyer.
Managed company buy /sell platform: Futuramax act as external consultants and help to determine a realistic sales price for your company. This will be done by using a combination of assessment methods such as substance and earning-power value method, Discounted Cash Flow method, "Vienna Procedure" method and surplus gain method. Our services result in peace of mind for both seller and buyer. We provide a second, neutral opinion regarding the sales price. If required, we are also available to liaise between seller and buyer when both parties enter into an agreement. As an added benefit we can refer clients to a network of associated solicitors and accountants, all of them experts in their particular field.